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Why should I choose TRANSFER?

TRANSFER’s mission is to lead you to the best places in Italy.
Your «Italian experience» will largely be thanks to the safe, comfortable, and stress-free way you saw it all. Your driver will respect your right to a relaxing private transfer, but will be available for you if you should have any questions or need anything.
TRANSFER is your personal concierge ready with suggestions or to assist you in any way during your stay. Most importantly, TRANSFER’s rates are very competitive and are often the best “investment” you can make for yourself, for your family and friends. See the best places in Italy… with TRANSFER.

Do you accept credit cards?

TRANSFER accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Cash payment and Bank wire transfer are also welcome. Travelers checks must be cashed at an exchange point or at the American Express office (Florence, Rome). All quotes and fees are in Euro.

Do your drivers speak English?

Our drivers are native Italian and have acquired a working English vocabulary to offer a courteous and informative service. Our drivers respect your right to have a pleasant and relaxing transfer and will be sure to respond to your needs without unnecessary interference.
Our drivers, are strictly forbidden according to Italian Law, to conduct or lead walking tours or guide in museums, monuments or churches. TRANSFER works with some of the very best Licensed professional and registered City Tour Guides and can help book your guide for you. Be sure that the tour guides you hire are licensed and registered any other tour guide can risk fines for the «false» guide and you, the tourist.

Are your cars insured?

Yes. TRANSFER, is a registered fully insured LTD company. Hiring our transfer services includes full insurance coverage for car, driver and passengers required by law.

Are you a licensed professional?

Yes. TRANSFER owns 6 NCC (Noleggio Con Conducente – car with driver) licenses issued in limited numbers for the Tuscan region.
Each driver has passed exams and has updated and renewed driver’s licenses specifically for tourism and private car and driver transportation.
Click here to browse our fleet page.

In addition, TRANSFER proudly boasts a full network of professional collaborators throughout Italy from the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Venice, the Como/Garda Lake District, Venice to even outside of Italy.

TRANSFER can also arrange Bus transfers and excursions for groups up to 52 passengers.

I was thinking of renting a car, why would it be better to hire a TRANSFER car and driver?

TRANSFER knows you are on vacation. It is our mission that you relax, arrive safely and enjoy your time in Italy.
Many tourists do not realize that not only are the rules of the road different in Europe, road signs and smaller streets can be confusing and stressful to navigate.
Car rental contracts have minimum deductibles for minor mishaps and often even the most comprehensive insurance packages do not include these minor scratches, dings or broken parts. Parking in city centres is often limited to residents and daily parking garages are costly (Euro 30.00 – 45.00 a day). Autostrada – Italian highways also have toll booths. With TRANSFER parking, toll booths and gas are all included.
Finally, time is money and the time you waste getting lost or navigating on your own in a foreign country will “cost” you. Experience MORE of your vacation… let TRANSFER take you there!

We are staying in Tuscany, we are in the country, we would like a minivan to take us on day trips like to Florence or to the Outlets, can TRANSFER provide this?

TRANSFER specializes in taking individuals and small groups to the best kept secrets in Italy. If you are staying in a Villa, Farmhouse or Residence outside of Florence or in the heart of Tuscany, TRANSFER will be sure to pick you up at the airport and provide all of your transportation needs throughout your stay.
Groups of friends renting a farmhouse, family, wedding parties in Tuscan Villas… have TRANSFER provide all your transportation needs!

Can your drivers take us to the museum and guide us around?

TRANSFER’s drivers can bring you to where most traffic is limited. Often, drivers can drive you right up to the steps of the museum or church. However, TRANSFER’s drivers cannot conduct walking tours nor guide in a church or museum. In Italy, there is a separate license for official Tour Guides. TRANSFER works with an excellent network of registered Tour Guides for each city in Italy and can assist you in booking an English-speaking guide.
TRANSFER’s cars and drivers are registered with the NCC license (noleggio con conducente – car and driver rental). Each license is prominently displayed in the windshield of each vehicle. Each car is registered with a serial number and a fixed plaque next to the rear license plate. Only NCC drivers and Taxis can legally transport private individuals in Italy.
The NCC licenses are granted to local counties and municipalities in limited numbers often NOT annually, but when a license “becomes” freed up by a retired driver or based on population and demographic needs. Thousands of candidates apply to even ONE opening. Due to the high demand, the NCC licenses are very “coveted” in Italy and, especially, the Tuscan region. TRANSFER is proud to own six NCC licenses.

I have a 6:00am flight from the Florence Airport can I arrange a pickup from my Hotel at 4:45am?

TRANSFER’s drivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. Airport transfers can be arranged in advance to ensure that you make your flight. Of course, establishing a fixed price ahead of time also helps budget your trip and does not allow for unexpected pricey cab rides the morning of your departure.

I am arriving at the Florence Train Station at midnight, can I arrange a pickup from the station and can you meet me at the platform?

Yes. Even late at night, do not risk not finding a cab, have TRANSFER’s drivers wait for you with your name on their welcome card. The driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it, under the lighted green cross of the pharmacy, in front of Platform 16 (Mc Donald’s area). Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round, TRANSFER’s drivers can be reserved in advance with an exact price quote. Leave nothing to chance… Especially your safety.

I was thinking of just grabbing a cab or calling a Taxi when I get there. Why is it a good idea to book this in advance with TRANSFER?

In Italy, you cannot always hail a Taxicab as in the U.S. Taxis are often found at fixed taxi “points” in city centres or come to your address/hotel by telephone request only. There are Taxis outside of the airport and train stations, however there can be a line of other tourists or locals awaiting a cab during peak season.
Taxi cabs in Italy start at a base fee and at the end of the ride, the final cost is calculated on the distance (or time still in traffic) and a series of SUPPLEMENTS. Here is a list of some of the Taxi supplements for transfers:

  •  On Sundays and holidays
  •  After 10:00pm
  •  Before 6:00am
  • Each large bag placed in the rear trunk space from/to the airport may have a different base rate

With TRANSFER, not only will your driver be waiting for you at the airport arrivals, you will have a courteous welcome with your name on the welcome card, a hand with your luggage and an established SET fee for the service.
There is truly no comparison to a Taxi transfer, TRANSFER’s private car and driver is the best way to arrive from the airport and start your vacation!

Are there toll booths in Italy?

Italy’s highways and freeways have precise exits and on ramps to accommodate their toll booths. Tolls are calculated by the distance travelled from the point of entry to the exit. You must pull your ticket from the automated teller and give it to the teller at the exit toll. An example of cost – Rome to Florence is Euro 20.00 equivalent to $26.00. (Euro 1.00 = $1.30).

What is the speed limit on the autostrada (highway)?

There are two kinds of highways in Italy – the autostrada and the superstrada. The speed limit on the autostrada is 130km/h = about 80m/h and 90km/h on the superstrada = 55m/h.

How long is the car ride: Florence/Rome – Rome/Florence?

2 1/2 hours.

How long is the car ride: Florence/Milan – Milan/Florence?

3 hours

How long is the car ride: Florence/Siena – Siena/Florence?

1 hour.

How long is the car ride: Florence/Livorno – Livorno/Florence?

1 1/2 hours.

How long is the car ride: Florence/Pisa – Pisa/Florence?

1 hour.

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