Countdown to “Volterragusto” celebrates the prized white truffle – the protagonist of the XV International Market of white truffle of San Miniato  - the excellence of the territory such as wine, oil, bread, cheese, meats, chocolate and more. The event is scheduled for Saturday 27 and Sunday, October 28 and still Wednesday October 31 and Thursday’ November 1, from 10 am to 20. A frame of meetings and tasting stand will therefore be the courts and buildings of the city are open to visitors , gastronomy and culture, traditional flavors local environments with some of the most exciting and lesser-known works that Volterra is able to give. Each stop will be a surprise for visitors giving you the chance to win prizes really interesting. Lodges in the Piazza de ‘Priori over White Truffle will be hosted exhibitors from other areas, in a twinning food and wine that makes Volterra,  a capital of taste. In the beautiful wine estates of Palazzo De Luigi, admire the JOURNEY IN THE WORLD OF TRUFFLES proposed for the entire duration of the exhibition a series of tastings. Stands and tastings, but not only. Volterragusto held as always true to his nature enriched by wonderful event designed for the whole family. A Mention must for a true masterpiece that will be admired during the event: the LEANING TOWER OF ALABASTER VOLTERRA, sculpture in alabaster largest in the world that faithfully reproduces (1:25) materials and colors la Torre of Pisa, the symbol of Italian at the Exhibition Hall St. Mary Magdalene in Piazza San Giovanni,  25,000 pieces of alabaster used, 205 between columns and capitals played, 9 kg weight, 2.4 meters in height are a few numbers of this extraordinary, made with six different types of alabaster Volterra seven local artisans Association Arteinbottega. A unique way home after the success in trips around the world, the last in order of time in Moscow. The exhibition also includes other small “miracles” made by alabaster Volterra. RACE CACI (Sunday, October 21, at 15, Via Franceschini), a race in which the districts of volterra will battle by tumbling along the city route their cheeses; Wednesday, October 31 at 16:30 in the meeting room of the Casa Torre Toscano will be presented the project “Life ANTIDOTE: nuclei dog lovers against the use of poisoned bait” by Dr. Anna Cenerini the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga.
the performance of the UNIT HISTORY: Sbandieratori MUSICIANS OF VOLTERRA (Thursday, 1 November, 15.30, Piazza de ‘Priori). Volterragusto is also culture, so during the days of the event tickets Museums will have a reduction for the visitors.

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