San Miniato is the Capital Flavours of Italy

42 ° National Exhibition of white truffle
The event will take place on 10-11, 17-18 and 24-25 November 2012 San Miniato – PISA. Populate the tables of the best restaurants in the world and is the most valuable food of the table for his goodness, appreciated by the powerful of the earth and the most famous. And ‘considered a “magical fruit”, the “diamond of the earth” or “white gold” for its price last season touched the 4000 euro per kg. Who is find a fortune. For three weekends in the medieval city that gave birth to the directors Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, who was Frederick II and Napoleon Bonaparte, is the capital of the Italian White Truffle. The National Exhibition of White Truffle of San Miniato, now in its forty-second edition, will be held on 10-11, 17-18 and 24-25 November, when the fruit will find its full maturity and its maximum goodness. Together with the white truffle you will appreciate the best of Italian excellence. The chefs will have an over two kilometers of open laboratory of taste most important in Italy, where the typical products meet the more than one hundred thousand visitors expected from all over Italy to learn the latest trends in kitchen and new alliances of taste . A real festival of knowledge and flavors where gourmets and visitors gather to enjoy the excellent food and wine.   Truffle hunters with their dogs champion will compete in the heart of Tuscany, along the Via Francigena, in a magical land in a pristine environment and from September 10, opening day of the collection of the White Truffle of San Miniato, to find in forests valuable nuggets and try to break the record of Arturo Gallerini. Since 1954, his record stands, since the hills of San Miniato Truffle found the world’s largest. He weighed 2520 grams.

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