The Game of the Saracen

The 2nd September 2012, Arezzo, Tuscany.

164° Giostra del Saraceno

The ” Goistra del Saracino” is a game for knights, which has its roots in the Middle Ages and ‘the evolution of a military training exercise, simulating the clash of war, he saw a knight with a lance face an autonomous with the appearance of the enemy par excellence of’ Christian West: the Arab, the infidel, the Saracen fact. In the medieval society and tournaments were the means by which the events were celebrated more welcome. Of torneamenti and rides seen in the land of Arezzo expressly mentions Dante Alighieri, the beginning of the canto XXII, in some famous triplets. Of games with spears (hastiludia), which took place in the city to celebrate the happy outcome of a diplomatic mission to France, we talk instead of two letters addressed to Avignon curia in November 1331 by Tarlati, gentlemen of Arezzo.

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