Salamarzana, medieval festival in Fucecchio ( Florence)

Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September, will take place in Fucecchio (Fi), in the historic center, the third edition of the medieval festival Salamarzana.
Salamarzana,as the name of the medieval castle built on the “Poggio Salamartano.” Streets, squares, courtyards, gardens, alleys are the perfect setting for an impressive jump in the Middle Ages , amazing visiting with the help of costumed guides  of: Palazzo Della Volta, Church of St. John the Baptist and St. Saviour Monastery of St. Saviour , Bell Tower (possible the ascent to the summit by the volunteers of the Italian Alpine Club), Praetorian Palace (Piazza Vittorio Veneto), Museum, Park Corsini with the old towers.   The appearance of food and wine will be superior, providing locations of typical medieval themes.   Re-enactments of ancient crafts, military camps, musicians, set enliven the historic center of Fucecchio, through a fantastic and overwhelming. Great shows strong visual impact made by companies renowned reputation, drag the visitor into the fantastic medieval world.

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