Bolgheri Melody

Bolgheri Melody 2012

Bolghery Melody was born to create a cultural and original entertainment in a unique location, in terms of historical, environmental and architectural. Bolgheri Melody collection is the knowledge of generations of winemakers who helped build the myth of the wines of Bolgheri, enhanced by the echo of  Carducci’s  words, in those places that have hosted the immortal poet. Bolgheri Melody is the natural path that combines nobility and Wine, Entertainment and Culture, which has pushed Bolgheri Melody Ltd, the association created to manage and treat activities and initiatives that develop in and around the Arena, to erect their own next to one of the landmarks of memory Bolgheri, the largest outdoor theater. The objective of Bolgheri Melody is to contribute to international vocation of the Etruscan Coast.

Our favorite events in calendar:

mercoledì 1 AGOSTO 21:30
sabato 4 AGOSTO domenica 5 AGOSTO ore 21:30
sabato 11 AGOSTO ore 21:30
sabato 18 AGOSTO 21:30
( Special Guest Andra Bocelli )


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