Infiorata di Fucecchio June 10th

FUCECCHIO, Florence June the 10th

In Italy the tradition of the carpet seems to have started in 1265 in the Vatican Basilica by Benedict Greifswald, head of the Apostolic Floreria, followed by Lorenzo Bernini nell’incarico. He was soon imitated, throughout the Catholic world, to give greater dignity and splendor to the Church festivals, and especially the Corpus Christi procession. The INFIORATA is a poem to the flowers which he participated with enthusiasm the whole population with a smooth collaboration with discipline breaks down the tasks assigned. Besides flowers, many species of plants are used to better bring out the colors in the compositions. The pictures are painted with the colors that you can find the purest in the world, what we deep with both hands nature, are redder than a red poppy, yellow more yellow broom, pink, more pink rose, and then , all possible shades of carnations, wildflowers and grapes, dark brown coffee. E ‘with the flowers that you are going to prepare INFIORATA. The subjects and designs do not bear the signature of a Bernini illuste current, or painters of more or less known, but the result is’ the same extraordinary. This floral carpet that lasts the space of a day, is strictly respected by the people until the passage of the procession, and the same participants incedono the sides of this tribute of flowers, leaving only pass over the small group that leads to the triumph of the divine body Lord. Being favored by the INFIORATA decorations every year for the Palio, the entire route will be a hymn of celebration and jubilation.

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