Best Italian Recipes

Sweet and sour sardines:

This is a  delicious Venetian dish, its originates in the Middle East, and consists of sardines  marinated in vinegar and raisins or currants. In order for the fish to fully absorb the sweet and sour flavors, Sarde in Saor is best when made in advance.

The dish’s story begins in Sicily in the 15th century, where over 100,000 Jews were living. Their economic role was so important that when the Inquisition swept through the Spanish controlled territories, which included Sicily. Eventually political pressure forced Sicily to participate in the religious persecution, but not before the Viceroy was able to warn the Jews of the imminent danger and advise them to escape. So they escaped to Naples, Rome, Ferrara and Venice, and took with them their precious culinary traditions. Today, over 500 years later, Sarde in Saor is an integral part of Venice’s culture. Traditionally it is served during the city’s holiday, Feast of the Redeemer, a day of thanks and atonement that dates back to its great plague of 1576.

To try this Venetian specialty , click on the image and watch the video.

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